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July 10, 2024

stitch club :: 7/2024 :: blackbird

say hello to 'blackbird,' our july pattern for cozyblue stitch club. 🖤

to start, i'm just outlining these green leaves with back stitch [2strands] and then using straight stitch [1 strand] for the shading lines:

next, i'm working on the dark teal plants, using brick stitch [2 strands] to fill in the shapes:

and now, it's time to stitch these blackbirds!
the black floss is hard to photograph, but hopefully, you can see well enough.
i'm using 2 strands of floss, and, starting at the beak, filling in the bird shapes using split stitch.

i'm trying to mimic the feathers with stitches. so the stitches on the head are shorter, and then they get longer as i fill in the neck, and then down each wing, then the body and tail feathers.

this method is not exact, and it's also pretty forgiving, so don't worry about perfect stitch placement here. just try to fill in the shape evenly, without any visible seams or spaces.
embrace imperfection! it's fun!


✨i'll be updating this post as i make more stitching progress... stay tuned! ✨


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