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July 06, 2023

stitch club :: 7/2023 :: flora luna

how many moon and flower patterns will i make, you ask? honestly, i don't know, but the answer today is: at least one more.
say hello to our new pattern for july stitch club, flora luna. 💜
we've got a lot of pretty colors this month, and some fun stitches to practice!

first up, i'm making bunches of colonial knots [2 strands] to fill the yellow circles (below). i love colonial knots, but you could also use french knots instead, or fill these circles with satin, chain, split, seed, or whatever else you want. or, just keep it simple and outline it with back stitch. it's up to you!

(this isn't my finest stitching example, but it's ok because leaves aren't perfect, so these stitches don't have to be, either!)
i used 2 strands, and fishbone stitch, for all the leaves. there are some pink stems on a few of the leaves, and i just used back stitch for those.

the off-white flower petals are made with satin stitch - just 3 long stitches, side by side, for each petal. [2 strands] i'll fill in the centers later too.

you can see that i stitched the leaves first, because i want them to be in the background, and then stitched the flowers on top, so they'll be in the foreground.

here i've started working on these clusters of light pink flowers with green centers. aren't they sweet?

i am still using 2 strands of floss here, and satin stitch for the flowers. i'm making the pink petals first (remember, it's ok if they're a little wonky) and then filling in the center with green. each petal is made up of about 4 stitches, side by side.

i'm stitching these dark red flowers (below) with satin stitch [2 strands] for the petals and the centers (using the aqua floss for the centers).

i usually start each petal by stitching a line down the center, and then working outwards, filling in one side and then the other.

ok, now it's mushroom time! 🍄🍄 i've been eyeing these mushrooms and trying to decide on the best way to stitch them.
i knew i wanted to fill them in, but i wanted something different than the satin stitch i've been using on the flowers.

so i have landed on this: filling the caps with split stitches. i'm making the stitches fairly irregular in length, but working them in parallel rows, similar to how i'd fill an area with satin stitches.
i'm leaving space for the yellow dots. (for the dots and the stems, i am using satin stitch.)
2 strands for everything here.

i really like the shaggy texture; it seems right for mushrooms, doesn't it?

and last, but not least...
for the centers of the white flowers, i've made a cluster of colonial knots [2 strands] with the yellow floss.
the small bright red flowers are done using a star stitch [4 strands] and then i added a little white colonial knot [2 strands] in the center of each one.

so i think she's all done now! what do you think?

i'll have the PDF pattern ready for you on august 1st 🙌🏻 and the kit + preprints will be available in september.

(be sure you're on my email list if you want to know when new things are added to the shop! that's the best way to stay in the loop.)

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  • All of your work looks great. I found out that I need prescription glasses to do embroidery. I can just barely see correctly. Will go to the eye doctor soon. She’s great. She said I may need a pair if I want to do needlework. Ah, well, getting old…

    Loraine on

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