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August 14, 2023

stitch club :: 8/2023 :: sunny folk

this sweet radial design is our august stitch club pattern, sunny folk.

as always, i'm starting simple, back stitching [2 strands] these green stems and leaves:

to stitch the rest of the pink flowers, i'm using satin and colonial knots [2 strands]. and since it's a radial repeat, i'll just do this same thing five more times until all the pink flowers are done.

when i'm satin stitching an area, i like to start by making some guideline stitches first:

here i've placed a stitch in between each petal, and in the center of each petal, and all the stitches are oriented toward the center point of the yellow circle.

once these guidelines are in place, i'll fill in each segment with satin stitches. this helps keep all of the stitches pointed in the right direction, and helps avoid crowding issues.

and now for these blue flowers. just like the pink flowers, i'm using back (for the stem and the center circle) and satin (for the leaves and petals) stitches. i'm also stitching the radial lines with a simple straight stitch [2 strands].

and here we are, all stitched up!


(the PDF pattern will be available on sept 1st, and the kit is coming mid-sept.)



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