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June 14, 2023

stitch club :: 6/2023 :: mystify

this pretty moth design, and our new stitch club pattern for june 2023, is 'mystify.'

to start, i'm using this gorgeous blue floss. DMC 791, medium cornflower blue. (so pretty!)
i've got 2 strands in my needle, and i used a back stitch for the outline and the stems, and satin stitch for the leaves:

the light peachy/pink floss is for the flower petals on the wings, and for the moth antennae.

the lines are a little hard to see on the blue fabric, but i'm just winging it (ha!) with some satin stitches here [2 strands]:

and here, i've added the red bits - satin stitch [2 strands] and a little back stitch down the center line:

next up, all those leaves!

i knew i wanted to fill them with something, but i wasn't super loving the way satin stitch looked.
i landed on a brick stitch [2 strands] and i like it! it gives a nice contrast with the moth (so not ALL the fill stitches are satin) and it also gives the leaves some good texture.


yay - i finished it! mystify is all done, and it looks so nice!
i really like the texture on the leaves, and i love the pop of colors on the moth.

the PDF will be available tomorrow, july 1st!


  • thanks so much, ann! you’ll find the tutorial for brick stitch in my stitch library.
    happy stitching!

    liz 💙 on

  • Your mystify piece is lovely!! Can you show us how to do a brick stitch?

    Ann Martin on

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