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June 08, 2022

stitch club :: 6/2022 :: envision

the basic idea of this design, a radiating heart, has been showing up in my mind’s eye for a while now. once i sat down to sketch it out, i ended up adding some flowers and vines (of course), and then the starry eye seemed like a perfect fit for the center.
these elements - eyes, hearts, flowers - are ones that i use a lot in my work, so this design feels familiar to me, but also sort of new, and fun!

i started with the simplest part to give myself a warm-up: the border, made with [straight stitches/2 strands of floss].
and after that:
▪ gray stars [star/2]
▪ eye outline [back/2]
▪ eyelashes [straight/2]
for these golden sprouts, i'm using [lazy daisy/2].

next up, i added some purple accents to the gray stars, and also stitched the purple stars, using [star/2] for both.

the purple flower petals are stitched with [satin/2] and i've oriented the stitches widthwise across each petal.
and for the flower center, i used [split/2] to fill the shape.

moving on to the blue floss, i chose back, brick, and star stitches for the eye [2 strands] and [brick/2] for part of the heart.
the flower petals are [satin/2] with red colonial knots for the center.
and those little stamen-shaped things are [back/2] with [satin/2] dots on top.

i'm satin stitching these scallops and really loving how this hoop is turning out! i'm using my standard 2 strands again here, for the satin and for the colonial knots.

fishbone stitch makes such a beautiful fill for leaves.
i used 2 strands of the green floss, and then stitched the stems with back stitch, and the small leaves with satin stitch.

and that's a wrap for this lovely 'envision' hoop!


  • hi erin! i used satin stitch (non padded) for mine.

    liz on

  • I’m new to Stitch Club this month and loving it! Did you use padded satin stitch for the flower petals?

    Erin on

  • hi stephanie! great question. i like a size 7 embroidery needle for almost all of my stitching.
    i’ve written more about selecting needles if you’d like to check out my FAQ page!

    liz on

  • Is there a specific size needle to use?

    Stephanie HG on

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