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May 09, 2022

stitch club :: 5/2022 :: wallflowers

here's our new may stitch club pattern: wallflowers. 💛
when i sat down to work on this design, i spent some time flipping through some of my old sketchbooks, taking note of different elements that caught my eye.
a flower here, a leaf there, some branches with seed pods...
i brought them all together and played around with different arrangements until i landed on one that i liked. i chose some colors, and after a few tweaks, the design you see here was finished.

(club members, don't forget about the ✨GIVEAWAY✨ this month!
to enter, simply post your stitching progress on the may pattern on IG and use #cozybluestitchclub in your captions. each post = 1 entry, and the winner will receive a FREE PDF pattern of their choice (there are currently 87 to choose from)! *if you have a private account, your hashtag won't show up publicly, so you can send me your post via DM and it'll be entered in the contest.)

i'm starting out in the center and working outwards -- using satin, back, straight, and star stitches here -- 2 strands for all of these.

i'm embroidering these branches with back and satin stitches, and those little blue lines are single lazy daisy stitches. [2 strands for everything]

next, these little clover leaves are made with back stitch, and the pink bits are colonial knots and straight stitches. [2 strands ]

and last but not least... these stripey leaves might be my favorite part of this design!

i back stitched over all the lines, and then added some straight stitches in orange and pink (the straight stitches are parallel to the green diagonal lines).

i also decided those blue flowers needed a tiny blue colonial knot in the center of each star stitch.

aaaand, she's done!


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