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January 14, 2022

using split stitch as a fill stitch

split stitch is typically used as an outline stitch, but it can also be used as a fill stitch if you make parallel rows close together.

when filling a shape, start by stitching the outline. then fill in the area, row by row. for a densely filled area, keep your rows really tightly packed together. if you want a looser, more sketchy filled area, you can stitch the rows further apart.

here's an illustrated visual of the same shape:



hope this helps. happy stitching! 💙


  • hi randi! i think split would work beautifully to fill the compass rose. if you’re only filling the outer petals, as i did with mine, you might opt to use split stitch, instead of back, to outline the entire thing, so that the stitching on the flower will all work together.
    happy stitching!

    liz 💙 on

  • What do you think about using split stitch to do the fill on the compás rose for February 2023? I am wondering about alternatives to the bro j stitch because I have difficulty making my back stitches even.

    randi on

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