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December 06, 2022

stitch club :: 12/2022 :: autumn wind

introducing our december stitch club pattern, autumn wind!
it's inspired by all the tiny little beautiful, ordinary, extraordinary things i find when i’m out walking. leaves, feathers, tiny seed pods, interesting rocks... most days it seems like the woods are just bursting with little bits of magic (it’s always there, if we are paying attention!).

so, let's start stitching! i'll be using 2 strands of floss for all the stitching.

first up, i've used straight stitches for the yellow lines, and satin for the yellow spots:

and then next, these little seed pods: colonial knots for the center, back for the stem, and satin for the pods.

moving on... back stitch for the leaf outline and veins.

for the purple seed puffs, i used a half star stitch (7 straight stitches that all share the same center point) for the tops, and back stitch for the stems. i wanted to make the stem a teensy bit wider at the bottom, so i used 2 stitches side by side there.

i used whipped back stitch for the whispy wind (the maroon swirls) and also for the outline of the hand.

and these green 8-pointed stars are just simple back stitches, one stitch along each edge of the points.

i tried a couple different ideas for the blue stars, but ended up choosing to outline them with a whipped back stitch.

the blue leafy sprigs at the bottom are back stitch  and the pink stars are done with star stitch.

all done!
(i'll have the PDF pattern available on january 1, 2023; the kit and preprint will be released in march.)

happy holidays!


  • This has to be one of my favorite stitch club projects! Keep them coming!!!!

    RL on

  • Hi although I find this tutorial very helpful, Thank you! If you mentioned the color number for the floss that’d be helpful too. 😉

    Best Lisa

    Lisa on

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