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January 10, 2022

stitch club :: 1/2022 :: starburst

happy 2022! i thought we’d kick off this year with a super simple mandala design: repeating crescent moons, stars, and some flowers.

i chose a monochromatic color palette, because after the rush of the holiday season, i’m craving calm. i want to take it nice and slow and simple.
how about you?

so pour a cup of tea, put some cozy slippers on your feet, and snuggle into your favorite corner of the sofa. it’s time to #slowdowngetcozygetcrafty


i'm starting mine in the center, with the flowers and stars.
for the flowers: [satin stitch / 2 strands]
stars: [star stitch / 2 strands]

next i've added in some colonial knots for the dots (you could use french knots instead, if you like). these knots are made with 4 strands... normally i'd use 2 strands, but these needed some extra bulk to cover the dots on the pattern.

if you're undecided about how to fill the crescent moons, here are a few ideas [ stitch name / # of floss strands ]

sometimes if i'm not sure how i want to stitch an element of a pattern, i just try a few different stitches and then see what i like. if you can, use a scrap piece of fabric for this (just draw the shapes lightly with a pencil) so you don't risk weakening the fabric of your pattern.

after stitching these samples, i ended up choosing a different stitch for mine - split stitch. while this stitch is often used for outlines, i used it to fill the entire shape.

if split stitch is new to you, i can help! i've just written up an illustrated tutorial for split stitch, and it now lives in my STITCH LIBRARY. it's an easy and versatile stitch -- try it and see!

(junie is such a great stitching helper)

after the moons are all filled in, i'm adding a colonial knot (4 strands again, just like the other knots) to the center of each flower.


also p.s. if you're still reading... this pattern needs a name! any suggestions? (update: picked one - thanks!)

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  • You could name it ‘inner light’

    erin on

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