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January 24, 2023

color stories: biltmore greenhouse

ūüíô i've been taking morning walks for years and years now, and it's one of my favorite daily practices. getting outside every day (even when the weather is uninviting) is essential for me.
i love it all: the fresh air, the rhythm of my feet touching the ground, smiling hello to the people that i meet along the way, watching the birds flying by, seeing the clouds and sunshine, noticing the changes that come with each new season, each new day. just being outside in nature and in my community clears my mind, wakes me up, and helps me feel connected and whole.

i believe that inspiration really is everywhere, if you remember to look for it.

so, in the spirit of sharing some of that inspiration with you, i'm starting a new series for 2023: color stories.

for each story, i'll share¬†photos from a different¬†walk. and for each photo, i'll share a color palette (with DMC floss #s) inspired by that photo. ūüíô

in today's post, i'm sharing some photos that i took inside the greenhouse at biltmore. i'm lucky to live just a few miles from the estate, so i visit often, and i always leave feeling peaceful and happy. the greenhouses there are incredible; amazingly designed and maintained, and filled to the brim with a huge assortment of beautiful plants. 

here are a few of my favorite photos and color palettes from my visit. which one is your favorite?

i hope these photos and colors inspire you to make something beautiful. 

xo, liz


  • The photos are beautiful & I appreciate the color way below. It helps me to draw out all of the colors, not just the obvious ones!

    Cheryl on

  • Gorgeous colors and pictures, I like them all but the orchid colors are my favorite. Your thoughts on inspiration are much appreciated, thanks for sharing your positive outlook :)

    Elizabeth on

  • What a perfect way to find colors that complement each other! Thank you for posting this!

    Nancy on

  • Beautiful! I love them all! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Jackie Joseph on

  • I love your pictures and showing the floss colors they inspire. Thanks for sharing! This is a great idea!

    Joann Green on

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