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January 30, 2023


sneak peek!
i have been secretly working on another new pattern, and her name is shelfie. the pattern is based on the book/plant shelves in my livingroom.

as you can see, it's not complete yet, BUT because i'm so excited to share this pattern with you, i'm going to do something i don't usually do... i'm releasing it early, before it's all stitched up.

details: shelfie is a pre-printed pattern (not a complete kit) that is entirely done with just 3 stitches: satin stitch for the books and leaves, back stitch to outline, and straight stitch for some of the small details on the books. 

floss: you already know i'm a big fan of a use-up-your-leftover-floss project, and this one is PERFECT for all those extra bits of random floss colors! i'd suggest having plenty of black, white, and whatever shade of green you choose for the plant. but for the books - mix it up and use whatever you have, or whatever you like!

size: the finished design will fit nicely in a 6" hoop. i'm using a 7" hoop in the example photo, but i'll use a 6" to frame it, once i'm done.

i am LOVING the way it's stitching up, and i can't wait to see it all done. what do you think? want to join me in stitching shelfie?

update: i'm still stitching my shelfie pattern. slowly but surely, it is taking shape. today i added a bunch of outlines and teensy details with the black floss, and the pages of the books on the lower shelf.
this pattern is taking forever, but i don't mind because when it's done, it'll be one of my favorite creations!

my favorite little detail: the corners of those books peeking through the holes in the leaf!

i'm still slowly stitching this design, and most recently it's this small stack of books. those satin stitches are so tiny! i tried making horizontal satin stitches here, but i wasn't happy with how it looked. i like this much better.

more updates:

i finished the books and have moved on to the vessels and the shelves. again, everything is filled with [satin/2] and oulined with a single strand of black [back/1]

and, last but not least, i'm stitching the walls too!

i decided to stick with white on white, and tiny straight stitches (single strand), just to give it a little texture:

 aaaaand, full framed reveal, here:


she's done, and i'm in love!

what do you think? will you stitch this one for yourself?


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