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May 25, 2018

mother's day

i hope you had a great weekend! we celebrated mother's day on sunday, and it was a really great day! mother's day isn't always the easiest holiday for me, but this year truly was wonderful. my kids and hubby joined me for a beautiful hike, and then later i took my mom out for a beer at one of the many, many breweries here in asheville.
A+ mother's day!

ok. let's talk books!
don't you just love it when you find a new favorite author, and that new favorite author has several books that you can dive into? that happened to me recently with maggie o'farrell. my sister recommended her book, 'this must be the place,' which i read and LOVED. then i found 'after you'd gone' at the library and devoured that one too. i posted about this on instagram, and many of you said you are maggie o'farrell fans too. yay!
if you haven't read any of her books, i highly recommend them! her writing style is so good. clever storytelling, really well rounded characters, and the subjects are a little mysterious and completely addicting.

i started reading 'the interestings' last week, and could not get into it! have you read it? should i persist? is it worth going back to? i've set it aside for now. i'm just feeling very meh about it.

my friends at show and tell popup shop are at it again! last week was the opening and our local news was there, filming some previews. i was excited to spot my embroidery kits on our local TV news! here's the video, if you want to see :)

there's a brand new exhibit at biltmore. it's the most fantastic installations of glass artistry by dave chihuly. i visited early one morning, and had the estate (almost) all to myself!
here are just a few photos:


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