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September 08, 2023

stitch club :: 9/2023 :: morning glow

september is here, and so is our new cozyblue stitch club pattern, morning glow!
it's starting to feel fall-ish in the mornings now, with cooler air and glowing fog, and that special light that you can only see in the fall months. flowers are starting to fade, and leaves are starting to brighten.
happy september! 🧡

first, i have to say (again, and probably not for the last time) that this color fabric is really hard to take photos of! the color is difficult to capture accurately, but it's a warm caramel color.

second, i started the stitching! i went with a satin stitch [2 strands] for these berries, and then used a single strand of red for the straight stitches on top of the satin (i just eyeballed it).

for the stems, i started with a basic back stitch [2 strands] which you can see in the photo above, but then decided that i wanted a smoother line. with my 2 strands still in the needle, i whipped the row of back stitches, and ended up with this nice twisted line for the stems. 

i'm stitching these dark green stems with back stitch, and filling the leaves with brick stitch [2 strands for both].

to fill the leaves, i usually start by outlining the leaf with back stitch, and then work towards the center, stitching offset rows of back stitches.

next, i'm working on the larger leaves, using the lighter green. back stitch for the stems, and satin for the leaves [2 strands].

PRO TIP: use a fairly deep slant to accommodate the curves of the leaves, and to give your leaves a more graceful look.

for the big pink flowers, i'm using satin stitch [2 strands] for the petals and colonial knots [2 strands] for the centers.

and here i'm adding the final stitches! this part is simple: running stitch, using a single strand of floss.

i chose to use a single strand for this part because i want these lines to be more delicate, and to stay in the background, while the bouquet takes center stage in the foreground.

here she is, all stitched up! next, i'll do a frame and finish, and then i'll get to work on the PDF pattern for you. 💙


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