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September 09, 2022

stitch club :: 9/2022 :: solstice

my mandala collection is growing (yours too?) and this september stitch club pattern, solstice, is the newest addition.

mandalas are really fun designs to create, and to stitch. the repeating elements feel meditative and soothing... and slightly addictive, in the very best way.

i've started this design by back stitching [2 strands] the dark green outline of the border. now, using the lighter green, i'm filling in the leaves with brick stitch [2 strands]. i'm planning to do the same for those golden leaves and stems next.

here i've stitched the golden leaves and stems [using brick and back stitch, 2 strands] and i've also stitched most of the lines in the tulips [back/2].
i am planning to fill in the tulips a little more, but i'm saving that for later.

the little pink lines around the outer edge of the design are [straight/2] stitches.

i really, really love these warm september colors (and just discovered that they coordinate with the rusty metal furniture on my screen porch, which feels very satisfying).

i am thinking i'll probably use some bold fill stitching for those large leaves in the center, so i decided to thicken the inner lines of the tulips, to keep the weight fairly even across the entire piece. (by this i mean that i don't want big bold heavy shapes in the center and then lightweight lines around the outside... that would make the piece feel off-balance to me.)

in the pic above, you can see that i added another row of back stitches to each of the inner lines of the tulips. (the two rows are offset. offset rows of back stitches = brick stitch.)
i did not thicken the dark green outline, only the inner lines.

ok now... these leaves! it took me a little while to decide how i wanted to stitch them, but now that i've started, i am loving them.

the outer edges are done with brick stitch, the spots are all satin stitch, and the center vein is back stitched. 2 strands of floss.

i am glad that i thickened those lines on the tulips because everything feels nicely balanced so far.

will report back soon! more leaves to stitch...

getting there...

... and finally, the leaves are done! for this little center area, i used a satin stitch [2 strands] for the green, and brick stitch [2 strands] for the yellow:

 that's a wrap! she's a stunner, don't you think?


  • thanks so much, carole! i’m happy to hear that. 🥰

    Liz on

  • What a beautiful design. Thank you for teaching the brick stitch and talking ab out balance. Great lesson!

    Carole on

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