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August 10, 2022

stitch club :: 8/2022 :: branching out

lately i’m craving even more simplicity, so the single color and simple lines of our new stitch club design feels just right.

i’ve been doodling variations of this design for years now, and i finally decided to bring it to stitch club. i’m looking forward to seeing the embroidered version, and i hope you like it too!

a few super basic stitches on repeat:
back stitch, running stitch, fern stitch, lazy daisy, and colonial knots.
i'm using 2 strands for everything here.

i'm using fern stitch for some of the vines/veins, and lazy daisy + back for some. the lazy daisy gives the lines a bit more shape, but the fern stitches are a lot simpler (and quicker) and less bulky.

i like my lazy daisies to be a bit tighter and well defined (a little less laziness, haha) but you can also make them looser if you want a more rounded shape.

getting there...


  • thanks so much, claudia — i’m happy that you found me! 💙

    liz on

  • This is lovely! I am exploring your website and just now discovered your blog! I think I am going to join stitch club to take part in the fun!

    Claudia McCarter on

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