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October 09, 2023

stitch club :: 10/2023 :: book nook

fall is here, and it's prime time to settle in with a warm mug of tea, a pile of books, and some embroidery. say hello to 'book nook,' our october stitch club pattern!


i've started mine with the light blue floss, and these small sprigs of leaves. satin [2 strands] for the leaves, and back [2 strands] for the stems.
for the steam rising above the mug, i also used the light blue, but i want these lines to be thin and delicate, so my back stitches here are a single strand. 

moving on to the tiny pink flowers:
when you look the pattern lines, these flowers are represented by five straight stitches arranged in a flower-like shape.
i started with a single straight stitch [2 strands] for each petal, as shown, and then i added two more straight stitches for each petal to fill in the flowers. (each petal is 3 straight stitches, side by side)

i'll fill in the centers a little bit later, once i decide on what color to make them.

next, it's time to stitch these books!
i'm beginning with a simple outline for each book, using back stitch [2 strands].


ok, now i've finished the outlines of the books, and i've stitched a few elements on the spines:
for the red book on top, i used satin and back [2 strands] for the vine, and the same for the green book with the almond-shaped design on it.
for the little ferns along the spine of the bottom book, i used (appropriately) fern stitch [2 strands]. 

i also stitched the mug, using back stitch [2 strands] for the outline, and straight stitch [1 strand] for the checkered design on the mug.


next up: i stitched the little mushrooms! 🍄🍄 i used satin stitch [2 strands] for the caps and stems, and colonial knots [2 strands] for the spots.

i also used colonial knots in the center of the small pink flowers [2 strands of the yellow floss] and outlined the moon phase and stars using back stitch [2 strands again].

i looooove the way this one is turning out, and i love all this #slowdowngetcozygetcrafty time!


ok, now i'm stitching the large flower petals with satin stitch [2 strands].
i'm orienting the stitches horizontally across each petal because sometimes when satin stitches are too long, they don't stay as neat and flat. it takes a little more time this way, but i believe it's worth it.
good things take time. 💙

for these flower stems and leaves, i'm using some satin stitch (for the small leaves and the centers of the large leaves) and whipped back stitch for the outlines. 2 strands for everything. (so for whipped back stitch, that means 2 strands for the back stitch foundation row, and 2 strands for the whipping.)

and last, but not least, i've used colonial knots [2 strands] to fill in the centers of the large flowers. 
for the little pink sparkles, i used a single strand, colonial knots and straight stitches. (a colonial knot in the center, and then 4 little 'arms' coming out from the center. each arm is a straight stitch with a colonial knot at the end.):

she's all finished now! one of my new favorites. 💙


  • Started this yesterday! So excited!

    Alison from Arkansas on

  • Super cute! Love it :)

    Allison on

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