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November 04, 2023

stitch club :: 11/2023 :: fern + friends

first look at our new stitch club pattern, fern + friends!
i love all these happy little mushroom friends, and can't wait to stitch with you.
i'm using 2 strands of green 3051 floss for all of the stitching, so i've pre-loaded several needles with 2 strands each.
are you ready? here we go!

i'm beginning with a simple back stitch outline for all the mushrooms [2 strands]:

i really love all the linework here.

sometimes a design will evolve into something completely different as i add the stitches and the color, but this is one design that will look almost identical to the sketched version that i started with.

velvety smooth satin stitches for these fern fronds... still using 2 strands for everything. satin for the fronds, back for the stems.

almost done now!

for any embroidery pattern, there are SO many stitch options, and you can achieve such different results dedending on which stitches you choose.

i chose satin stitch again for the dots, but i almost went with clusters of colonial knots... i think that would look so cute and would have a mossy texture.

and here she is, all stitched up! i love the way this one turned out. i'll use a flexi-hoop to frame it, because (faux) wood grain + ferns + mushrooms = perfection!


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