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October 08, 2022

stitch club :: 10/2022 :: weekend picnic

💙 weekend picnic 💙
this new stitch club design makes me smile every time i see it. it’s my favorite shade of blue, and i love it paired with the bright floss colors.

the flower is a very simple design, so it will be easy to stick to the outlines and stitch it up quickly, if quick is what you need right now... i am planning to use a mix of outlines and fill stitches for mine.

here we go! happy stitching! 

to start, i've outlined the big leaves with [back/2] and filled in the smaller leaves with [satin/2]. i'll be using more back and satin to stitch the center vein and spots on the big leaves. 

here i've finished the big leaves using more [back/2] for the veins, and [satin/2] for the spots.
i then used [back/2] to stitch the rainbow lines in the center of the design, and for the top edge of the flower petals.

...but look and see what a difference a few more rows of back stitch can make. offset rows of back stitch = brick stitch.
i like it just fine with regular back stitch, but i LOVE the bold textured lines that the brick stitch brings to this design:

for the smaller flowers and stems and buds, i'm using more back + satin stitch, and straight stitches for the little flower stamen ( i freehanded the pink stamen on the light pink flowers)... 2 strands for everything.

well that didn't take long! even with adding in the fill stitches, this pattern stitched up nice and quick.
i think it's all done now! i really love the bright happy colors and the simple yet bold design. this was a fun one!


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