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September 01, 2020

stitch club :: 8/2020 :: cozy cabin (progress)

cozy cabin is my newest stitch club pattern, and it is a cute one. 

with a design like this one (a picture rather than a patterned design) it's easy to stick to a simple outline stitch, like back stitch, for most of the stitching. that approach is nice because it's easy and no-stress. just stitch over the lines, and you're done!

i like to start with that method, and then look for areas that could use a little something more... maybe make a line bolder to emphasize depth, or maybe some tiny stitches would add some visual interest to an element that seems flat or plain. these little details can be super simple, but they add so much! and i really enjoy the process of putting these types of finishing touches on.

here you can see the difference that the details make. check out these two sides of this design: on the right, i've stitched over the lines. on the left, i've added the details.

see what i mean?


 if you're following along, here is what i've done so far:

  • mushrooms: stems [chain / 2] caps [satin / 2] dots [seed / 2]
  • snails: shell [whipped back / 2] body [ back / 2]
  • flowers [lazy daisy / 2]
  • grass [straight / 1]
  • clover: stems [whipped back / 2] leaves [satin / 2]
  • tiny pine trees [back / 2]
  • wood piles [satin /2] + [back / 1] on one side of each log for bark detail
  • cabin: outlines [back / 2] horizontal lines [back / 1]
  • roof + railing + door trim [brick / 2]
  • trees [back / 2] + [straight stitches / 2] for details

(check out my stitch library for the how-to's for these stitches!)


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