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September 10, 2020

stitch club :: 9/2020 :: tangerine mandala (progress)

this tangerine mandala is our new pattern for september. i'm using a random assortment of colors here, and i'm pretty excited about this tangerine/orange background. i think this is the first pattern i've made with this color fabric.⠀🍊⠀


if you're following along, here's what i have done so far:⠀

  • colonial knots for the yellow center and dark blue⠀
  • satin for the pink and light blue⠀
  • back stitch for the dark blue stems⠀

i'm using 2 strands for everything so far.⠀

using back and brick stitch for the white/yellow band, and satin stitch for the tulips! i decided that the tulip tops needed a little more definition, so i outlined them with a single strand of white floss. i used a tiny little fly stitch for each petal (there's a tiny little anchor stitch at the top of each petal).🌷

i'm stitching the blue flower pods just like the ones in the center, satin and colonial knots (2 strands), and i'm using the same colors to tie things together a little.⠀the mandala designs are always so soothing to work on. they're just repetitive enough to be simple, and just varied enough that they don't feel boring to me. it's fun to see it taking shape with new rounds of color and texture.⠀

i'm working on the outer border here, using the same stitches that i've used throughout the rest of this piece -- brick, satin, colonial knots, back. [2 strands]⠀
one of my favorite parts of this job is seeing YOU stitching my embroidery patterns! i love thinking about my designs making their way all across the world, from my home to yours.⠀


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