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May 18, 2018

lazy daisy swirl

are you looking for a little something sweet and simple to stitch? then i have just the thing for you!

this pattern is perfect for practicing your lazy daisy stitch. but if you don't want to use lazy daisy, a straight stitch works just fine too!

also? it's a good way to use up all of those spare bits of floss that you keep stuffing into a jar and wondering what to do with.

if you'd like to use the colors i used, here's a visual list.


these designs are sized to fit dandelyne mini hoops sizes 1.6”, and 2.2” and a standard 5” embroidery hoop. you can easily adjust them to fit larger or smaller hoops too; simply change the sizing when you print out the pattern.

ready to get started?

ok! click here to download the pdf pattern.

i wrote a handy 'transfer methods' page that you can refer to, if you'd like more info about some different ways to transfer the design to your fabric.

i used the sulky printable fabri-solvy method to make mine, and here's the step-by-step:

  • print the pattern page out on the sticky-solvy
  • peel off the paper and stick on your fabric. i always recommend laying your fabric on a hard, flat surface before sticking.
  • then mount the fabric in your hoop. if you can keep the edges of the sticky-solvy in the hoop too, that will help stop the pattern from shifting or lifting while you are stitching.
  • stitch! you can use lazy daisy, straight stitches, or whatever you prefer. for this example piece, i used straight stitches and 2 strands of floss.
  • once you are done stitching, soak the fabric in a bowl of water (about 30 minutes or so) and then rinse thoroughly to remove all of the stabilizer.

if you are using the mini hoops like i did, you can easily frame your design...like this:

  • cut the fabric circle larger than your hoop diameter and then make a running stitch around the edges.
  • place the little wooden disk behind the stitching and gather the fabric by pulling the running stitches tight.
  • position the piece inside the frame and tighten the screws, glue the back panel in place, and you're done!

use a pretty ribbon or a chain to turn this into a necklace, or glue a pin on the back to make it a brooch. it would make a sweet mothers day gift, if you're the handmade gift giving sort. (and i know you are!)

and here's another version of this design. it's made to fit a 5" hoop, and features some really fun color blending.


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and for more embroidery inspiration and tutorials, be sure to check out#cozybluestitchingtipsandtricks and my embroidery board on pinterest


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