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May 05, 2021

lazy daisy swirl variation

this is a new free pattern that is perfect for practicing your lazy daisy stitch. but i have to admit, i just don't love lazy daisy! this probably means that i should practice it more and learn to love it (it's funny how that tends to happen), but instead, i've chosen to ignore lazy daisy a little bit longer and focus on a stitch that i know and love: satin!

for this version, i used the 5" size, a lightweight denim fabric, and the same colors as last time (see this post for original pattern). again i used the sulky fabric-solvy method for transferring my pattern (step-by-step details here).

now here's the really cool part:
though i used the same colors as last time, i combined them randomly, threading 3 strands of floss at a time, and the results are so unexpected and fun!

before i began, i separated all of the floss into individual strands (remember that floss comes 6-stranded and you can divide them) and i made a pretty pile of floss.


for all of the satin stitching, i used 3 strands of floss. so i chose 3 strands at random, held them together, threaded the needle, and started stitching.
when that length of floss ran out, i did the same thing again, choosing another 3 random colors.

then again, and again.

at the very end, i chose one color to stitch the main stem. but i think that part would also look great with the multi-colored floss.

that's it! i love the way it turned out, and i had forgotten how much fun it is to combine colors in the needle. it really adds a lot of depth to your floss, and the color combinations are endless!

+ + + + +
if you'd like to see the colors i used, here's a visual list.

need a little help? first, check out my getting started guide and then my stitch library will teach you some of my favorite embroidery stitches.

for more tips & tricks click here.




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