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February 12, 2019

blue skies, supplies list, and home reno

the weather the past few days has been absolutely amazing. we went from polar vortex to spring-like sunny weather in a matter of days. it has been really nice to feel some warmth and sunshine on my daily walks! i took the photo above at biltmore, one of my favorite walking spots.

golden mandala is now available as a PDF digital download pattern!

i've started making some idea lists over here on amazon. i'm starting slowly with a few recent reads, and also a collection of some of my favorite embroidery tools... i get lots of questions about my hoop stand, transfer materials, fabric and instructional books, so i've added those to the collection. i'll be adding more each week!

have i mentioned here that we've been doing a home renovation project the past several months? after the studio was completed, we moved on to phase 2: finishing the basment. it's pretty much done now, and the transformation has been incredible. what was a concrete dingy basement is now a bright and beautiful living space. we are so happy with it! next up, the kitchen, which starts next week. wish me luck. below: i'm so in love with my new bathroom tile 🖤🖤🖤


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