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May 08, 2023

stitch club :: 5/2023 :: flower moon

hello, may! and hello, new stitch club pattern, flower moon!

did you know that each full moon of the year has a special name? may's full moon is called the flower moon, named for the abundance of flowers that bloom this month.

for these delicate flowers, i'm using 2 strands of floss and a whipped back stitch.
i love the smooth, rolled lines that whipped back stitch makes!


i'm working on these tulip stems and leaves now, and i'm using chain stitch [2 strands] to give them some nice nubby texture.

instead of outlining the leaves and then filling them, each leaf is made up of 3 rows of chain stitch, side by side. i started at the base of the leaf and worked a line up the center, to the tip. then i added a row on each side, working from base to tip again.

these larger leaves deserve some special stitching, something totally different than the tulip leaves. (i keep calling them tulips, but i guess they're actually poppies? 🤷🏻‍♀️)
i'm using 2 strands again, and filling half of each leaf with satin stitch. the rest of the leaf is outlined with a simple back stitch.

here's a tip for your satin stitches: angle your stitches pretty steep, to keep things smooth. if you orient your stitches horizontally, the leaf will end up looking bulkier and a little less polished.


some simple back stitching for the border of the moon here. i'm using a single strand of floss, to keep things dainty and thin.
and for the hatch marks on the moon... single strand, straight stitches.

this has been such a satisfying project! just 4 colors, 4 stitches, easy peasy. and so pretty! 




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