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October 08, 2019

stitch club:: 9/2019 :: market day

market day!

starting in the center, i'm using 2 strands of the lighter green, and satin stitch.

you could use regular outline for this part, but if you want to use satin, i've got some of my best satin stitch tips here.

isn't this the prettiest shade of blue?
i'm using brick stitch here, (which is basically just offset rows of back stitch) and 2 strands of floss again.
tiny stitches = great stitch definition.


i'm stitching the pink lines using good ol' back stitches for the contours and whipped back stitch for the outlines.
(you can check out this video of whipped back stitch if you need a visual.)
i really like the way this one is stitching up. if you haven't already noticed over the years, i've got a real thing for mandala designs! 😘

almost all of the stitching so far (with the exception of the green in the very center and the pink pod outlines) is done with the most basic outline stitch: back stitch.
for the blue, and the green tulips, i'm using brick stitch, which is really just offset rows of back stitches. 
so simple, right?
there's a lot you can do with just the simplest of stitches and a little bit of patience.

i used a disappearing ink pen to mark the guidelines for my stitches on these yellow lines.
here i'm using basic back stitch, but i'm carefully planning/arranging the stitch lengths to give these yellow shapes more dimension.


if you need a little refresher for some of these stitches, check out my ‘stitch library.’


learn more about the stitch club here


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