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February 14, 2020

whipped back stitch tutorial

you can stitch up this JOYful little hoop using only 2 very basic stitches: whipped back stitch and straight stitch. 

  • whipped back stitch is a great choice for this because it looks almost exactly like the twisty green wire on a strand of twinkle lights!
  • and the lights themselves are just 2 straight stitches, arranged in a super-narrow 'V' formation. easy-peasy!

to make whipped back stitch, you'll first work a foundation row of back stitches. next, using a second thread (this can be the same color or a new color) you'll work the second row.

start at the beginning of the row and whip each stitch, going under from right to left. (you won't be picking up any fabric, only going under each back stitch with the second thread. i sometimes use the blunt end of the needle for this, so i don't split the foundation stitches.)

i'm inserting a video below, for those of us who are visual learners.




  • Obrigada. Lindo demais

    Vilma on

  • I am so thankful for your freebies. We have fallen on some tight times and cannot purchase ‘extras’ so the freebies are great. I especially like the ‘JOY’ as it reminds me of how I see joy – Jesus, Others, Yourself. I used some machine embroidery thread for a few bulbs to make them glow-in- the- dark. I love the idea of taking some time daily for myself to relax and do what I enjoy. Thank you!

    Judy on

  • hi peggy! when carrying a thread for longer distances (more than 3/4" or so), i like to work the thread under the backs of some stitches. this helps keep the thread tension, and also makes it look a little neater.
    hope that helps!

    liz on

  • question about what the back of this piece looks like? i just completed it and it looks pretty messy! just wondering on to handle threads that span quite a distance

    peggy on

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