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February 14, 2020

many mini santas

i designed these adorable mini santas to fit perfectly in the equally adorable mini hoops.

3 sizes are included in the pattern, and you can print at a larger size if you want a bigger santa! i lightly stuffed mine with a little polyfil to give them the perfect amount of puff.

just click on the images to get your free 'many mini santas' embroidery pattern. then print, transfer, and start stitching! please read on for my stitching notes.

need a little help? first, check out my getting started guide and then my stitch library will teach you some of my favorite embroidery stitches.

for more tips & tricks click here.

supplies needed:

  • kona cotton in a color of your choice
  • embroidery floss in white, red and black 
  • needle
  • hoop (use a larger one - 5" or so) for the stitching
  • mini hoop (if using) for framing/finishing
  • small amount of poly-fil

stitching notes:
i used the following [ stitch name / # of floss strands]:

hat: [satin/2] for the red, [seed/2] for the white fluffy brim
nose, cheeks, mouth: [straight/1] in red
beard, moustache, eyebrows: [colonial knots/2] use 3 strands for larger sizes
eyes: [colonial knots/1]


  • cut out the faces, leaving about 3/4" of extra fabric around each one.
  • make a running stitch around the edge of each circle/face.
  • pull the thread to gather the fabric, adding a little bit of poly-fil between the fabric and the round back piece of each hoop. knot the thread to secure the gathering.
  • mount the face inside the mini hoop frame.
  • glue the back piece of the hoop on, as directed on your dandelyne hoop.
  • you can attach a pin back, a necklace chain, some bakers twine, a magnet, or whatever you like!

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  • These are absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to make, thank you for sharing.

    Hannah on

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