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July 18, 2019

stitch club :: 7/2019 :: terrarium

my terrarium stitching is coming along so nicely! even after all these years, i still get excited to see my designs translated from flat lines to a textural, colorful, vivid version. stitch by stitch.

so far, i've embroidered the stripey leaves (back and straight stitch for the purple, brick stitch for the pink center), the mushrooms (whipped back stitch for the outline, straight stitches for the lines on the caps), and have started the ferns (chain stitch for the stalks, satin for the pinnas).
i'm using 2 strands for all of my stitches.

i'm really excited about the moss! if you stitched my mushroom girl (or if you remember when i stitched her... it's been years, but if you scroll waaaay back on instagram, you can find those posts) then you know that i am planning to use loose, loopy knots for the moss. it's probably the least precise stitching i ever do, and it's so much fun! i'll post a video on instagram for that part very soon (and actually, if you scroll way back or check out #cozybluestitchingtipsandtricks, there's already a video there)... so stay tuned!

if you need a little refresher for some of these stitches, check out my 'basic stitches for hand embroidery'


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