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July 23, 2019

drive along the parkway

  • i have been wanting to try bargello for a while, and i recently ordered a kit (the tissue box cover) from hello bargello. i am loving it AND i realized that the color palette matches my terrarium project. it was meant to be!

  • it's another amazon prime day. if you're in the buying mood, i've made a little storefront here with some of my favorite tools and supplies. i frequently get questions about my hoop stand or which embroidery books i refer to. you'll find those all gathered together here, and i'm updating it regularly.

  • ICYMI: i'm starting to roll out a new floss system for my stitch club and kits. behind the scenes there's been a lot of details being worked out, but here's the bottom line:
    same DMC floss, more color options, different thread cards.
    you'll spend less time sorting colors and more time on the fun part -- stitching!
    it's gonna be great!

  • i dropped my kids off at summer camp yesterday and took the long way home, along the parkway:



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