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August 12, 2017

2017 summer reading list

THANK YOU for such a great response to my christmas in july event!! i'm so happy that you love the new holiday kit, and i'm happy to see lots of love for the kits of christmas past. if you weren't able to snag one last week, don't worry... i'll have some available again in time for the holiday season.


i've been considering the idea of a cozyblue facebook group. i imagine it as a place where we can post stitching photos, ask questions and have discussions, share tips, and just generally hang out.

are you on fb? is this something that you'd be into -- and most importantly -- is this something that you'd genuinely be interested in participating in?

here's a link to our summer reading list! i'll be adding to it as i get new suggestions, so keep them coming and i'll post updates to the list here as well. thank you to everyone who sent in recommendations!

i've been reading some really great children's lit books lately, all recommended by my 9 year old son, griffin: pax, fish in a tree, HP and the cursed child, a long walk to water, and serafina and the black cloak (this one takes place here in asheville at the biltmore estate!)

in an upcoming newsletter, i'll be talking all about what to do with finished embroidery projects. ways to display them, how to frame and hang, things to use them in/on/with. there are so many possibilities and i love sharing my suggestions.

i know you guys are doing creative things with your hoops too, so i'd love to get your input as well.


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