July 05, 2017

june 2017 :: june lagoon

here's my june lagoon, the june stitch club pattern, all stitched and finished and framed up!

i'm really happy with this one, especially since i didn't really have a clear idea going into this one about how i wanted to stitch it. i often have certain stitches in mind when i create my patterns, but many times i will just figure things out as i go. i think about how the different stitches will look when they're done, how heavy i want the lines to be, whether the shapes will be filled or left as linework... there are a lot of variables.

and sometimes just a small change -- or a single strand of floss -- can make a big difference.
for the purple spikey things, i added a tiny straight stitch to the end of each spike, using a single strand of red floss. again, a very tiny detail; but i feel like it adds a lot to the design.

so what do you think? can you spot the difference? it certainly wouldn't make or break this design if i hadn't added those details. but i really love the tiny details and i think they add so much character.

i find that taking the time (when i have it) to go back and un-broider and then re-stitch the weird parts makes me so much more satisfied with the end result. and while of course embroidery is not JUST about the end result, i do like it when all of my time and effort results in something that i am 100% happy with.

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