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August 02, 2018

stitch club :: 8/2018 :: sun king

hey august stitch clubbers, here comes the sun.

recently i was flipping through an old sketchbook, and when i came across this design i knew it would make a perfect match for another oldie but goodie, my lunar blossom design.

for the stitching, i'm going to keep a lot of the linework simple with a chain or back stitch, and running stitch for the sashiko lines. for the wider rays, i'm planning to use a fill stitch to bolden that part and add some dimension to the sun rays.

there are lots and lots (and lots!) of tiny chain stitch! i also threw in some running stitch, back stitch, and straight stitch. i used 2 strands of floss for everything, and kept all of my stitches pretty small. the tiny stitches give this design a TON of detail, while the stitches themselves are super basic and easy.

even with this super simple design, there are still so many variations. check out the #cozybluestitchclub feed to see! some club members have used different fill stitches for the sun rays, some folks used different colors. there are a few suns with fat chunky stitches, and some that use the exact same stitches as mine but still look completely unique and different. and they all look amazing!


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