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September 05, 2018

studio progress begins


 studio progress is happening! slowly, but surely. i am SO excited!

i really like reading other people's lists (am i weird?) so i thought it might be fun to share a few random things that are making me happy these days:

+ these cozy phone soft headphones. sometimes if i wake up with insomnia i'll turn on a sleep podcast to lull me back to sleep, and these headphones are perfect because they are soft and flexible, and comfy to wear. when the weather gets cold, i will definitely be wearing these for my morning walks.

+ my weighted blanket! i have not forgotten, y'all. i am working on a post about how i made mine.

+ voxer app. this is such a random thing, but it has made keeping in touch with my long-distance family so much easier. my sister and i have been using this for about a month and we both love it. instead of using it as a walkie talkie as it's marketed as (why wouldn't we just talk on the phone if that's what we were doing?) what we do is leave each other short audio messages throughout the day. the app records them and then we can go into the app and check/listen to messages and then reply (or not). it's kinda like voicemail but without the possibility that the person will answer the phone, and without all of the password entering, waiting while the robot tells you when the call was placed, etc, etc.
i know, it sounds weird, but it's actually very cool. and free!

+ lately i've been fascinated (and maybe a little obsessed) with the enneagram! i've know of it for at least 20 years but never looked closely at it until pretty recently. it has been so interesting to learn and think about. i've always been very into personality profiles and self improvement and thinking about why we do things we do. at this stage, i'm far from an expert; i'm just soaking up all of the interviews, podcasts, and books i can find. there's so much to learn!

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