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October 11, 2016

dmc colors, eco-dyeing, and fall weather

Remember my day of eco-dyeing. we bound flowers, berries and plants up tightly in scarves and then soaked them in an indigo bath. after a week of drying, we got to unroll them and see the results. (spoiler -- they were all beautiful!) though they all turned out more subtle than we expected, they are no less gorgeous. the imprints from the plants and the indigo bath left behind soft and earthy muted color. and now the weather is finally cool enough (in the mornings) to wear my new scarf!

speaking of cooler weather, hooray for fall! i am already feeling cozier. i've pulled down a few blankets from the shelves, and my favorite comfy sweatshirts are back in rotation.
i've also been cozying up with even more reading than usual. a few that i've finished the past several weeks -- Z (a novel about zelda fitzgerald), ocean at the end of the lane, a trick of the light (i'm still reading the chief inspector gamach series. i think this is the 7th book? i'm reading the 8th now), still alice (i can't stop thinking about this one. did you know that i used to be a nurse? during my nursing years, i mostly worked with dementia patients. this book brought up a lot of feelings, as a mother, a caregiver, and it reminded me a lot of my years as a nurse. i think they made this book into a movie, but i haven't seen it. i liked the book.) and last but not least, i am very excited to finally start city of mirrors, the third book in the passage series. (love!)

i've also been making a table runner! i've been a fan of cortney heimerl for a long time, and i've loved making her new Pryor Ave table runner. so far i've only got the top pieced together. i'm planning to add the backing this week!


i'm loving these new coloris threads from DMC, and my brain is bubbling with design ideas for the gorgeous color changing skeins.


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