August 08, 2020

what i'm reading

it's been a little while since i posted about my other favorite hobby - reading!

here's a fun visual of most of the books i've read over the past 8 months or so.⠀(i just realized i could view my goodreads collections this way.)⠀

some were 5-star, some were meh, some were fluffy and fun, some were super intense and thought-provoking.⠀

all of them are an important part of my self care. reading is something i've always loved to do, and something i do every day, no matter what.⠀i suppose that makes it a habit and a hobby!⠀

currently reading: 'stamped,' by jason reynolds & ibram x kendi, and 'such a fun age,' by kiley reid. loving them both.⠀

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