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December 13, 2021

stitch club :: 12/2021 :: garden mandala

i’m not sure i’ll ever get tired of drawing and stitching mandala designs. there’s something about the symmetry and the flowing lines that is just so pleasing.

this month’s mandala is a pretty simple pattern. i figured that after last month’s more challenging design, an easy stitch would be nice. especially during this busy season, i like to have something uncomplicated to focus on.

to start, i'm using 2 strands of floss and satin stitch for these flowers.

i hear some of you saying you don't love satin stitch... but wait!
it's so easy: each petal is made up of 3 parallel stitches that run the length of the petal. that's it!
satin stitch does not always have to be difficult (though it sometimes can be a bit tricky, when the areas are large and/or irregular in shape).

for these leaves, i decided to alternate the green and teal stripes.
just like the flowers, i'm using 2 strands and satin stitch.

i'm using the tan colored floss (2 strands again) to fill the center of the mandala with colonial knots and to outline the petals with back stitch.

and orange is up next... simple straight stitches (2 strands) for the outer edges of the petals.

here i've just added a round of colonial knots to the outermost edges.
just like the rest of this hoop, i used 2 strands of floss.

i've stitched over all the lines, but i want to add a few more details before it's complete...

to finish, i've added a little cluster of dark pink knots in the very center because i wanted there to be a fun color pop there. first i tried using orange, but there wasn't enough contrast, so i went with the pink, and i love it!
i realized as i was stitching it that it looks boobish, but i'm ok with that.

so i think she's done now!
i'll have the PDF pattern ready and in the shop in a week, and the complete kit + preprinted pattern will be available to everyone in march. i'm also adding my stitching notes to my blog, so please poke around over there too. 😘
thank you so much, #cozybluestitchclub for stitching this with me!


if you need a refresher for some of these stitches, check out my stitch library.


learn more about stitch club here!


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