October 22, 2019

cozyblue stitch club : october stitch club

i'm making good progress on my shadow flower hoop, and enjoying the simple, repetitive stitching on this one.

for the embroidery, i'm using 2 strands of floss for everything.
the spiral center is back stitched, and that's surrounded by a dense cluster of colonial knots.
each little petal section is outlined using back stitches, with a fly stitch for the sharply curved tip. each petal will have 3 fly stitches.
for the fly stitch, keep the tail/anchor stitch very tiny, just big enough to tack the curve of the stitch down.
the 3 contour lines are done with straight stitches.

(need a refresher for how to make some of these stitches? check out the ultimate guide to getting started with hand embroidery, at the end of this email.)

if you need a little refresher for some of these stitches, check out my 'basic stitches for hand embroidery'

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