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February 27, 2023

color stories: national gallery of art, part one

💙 i've been taking morning walks for years and years now, and it's one of my favorite daily practices. getting outside every day (even when the weather is uninviting) is essential for me.
i love it all: the fresh air, the rhythm of my feet touching the ground, smiling hello to the people that i meet along the way, watching the birds flying by, seeing the clouds and sunshine, noticing the changes that come with each new season, each new day. just being outside in nature and in my community clears my mind, wakes me up, and helps me feel connected and whole.

i believe that inspiration really is everywhere, if you remember to look for it.

so, in the spirit of sharing some of that inspiration with you, i'm starting a new series for 2023: color stories.

for each story, i'll share photos from a different walk. and for each photo, i'll share a color palette (with DMC floss #s) inspired by that photo. 💙

a few weeks ago, i went to DC for a getway with my sister. we had such a good time, and i can't tell you how great it was for me to get out of my regular life for a few days. new sights, new sounds, new ispiration. it was wonderful!

one day of our trip, i took a solo excursion to the national gallery of art, and it was just... incredible. it's hard to put into words, but being immersed in such a  beautiful, sacred space, filled with works of art that i've only seen in books and online, it was really magical and kind of life-changing, honestly.

there was SO MUCH to see, and naturally i took about a million photos. it was really hard to narrow it down to a few photos for this blog post, so i've split it into two parts. the following photos are from the west building (works from the 11th - 19th centuries).



i hope these photos and colors inspire you to make something beautiful. 

xo, liz

p.s. stay tuned for part two, photos from the east building (modern and contemporary works of art).


  • sherry — i remember that episode of dr. who! that was one of our favorite family shows when my kids were younger. love it!

    liz 💙 on

  • hi rachel — yes, exactly! i picked out the colors i noticed and found the DMC colors to match.

    liz 💙 on

  • This is so cool! I’m glad you had such a lovely trip. How did you get the color pallettes—did you do that just by looking and matching with threads?!

    Rachel on

  • Thank you for the gifts of color in these paintings and works of art. They brought me such peace and joy.

    Debbie Hauck on

  • This is really cool – I love the idea of a Grand Master inspired palette! You’ve chosen a couple of my favorite artists here. I am curious if you are a Dr. Who fan? I just saw a clip of an episode where Dr. Who brings Van Gogh through time to a modern art museum so he understands the immense popularity and impact his art will have on many generations of people. Check it out maybe on you tube (?) if you can . <3

    Sherry on

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