June 04, 2019

studio tour

finally!! i know, i've been promising this for a long time now...
we completed construction on the studio last october, and i quickly moved in and got to work on, well... working!
it didn't take me long to get everything organized and set up for my workflow, but i never actually got around to decorating or putting anything up on the wall. until now!
so at long last, my studio is cute and colorful, full of special pieces of art, crafts, and other random things.... it feels so good in here!
it feels just right, and it feels more like ME.

want to see? come on in!

 i think that's about it! if you're wondering what's upstairs, it's all storage. lots and lots of boxes.

boxes for kits, boxes for shipping, boxes of extra hoops, boxes of extra kit supplies.
also a couple of plants, lots of miscellaneous craft supplies, a few sewing machines, and a sleep pad and pillow (because sometimes i like to go up there and take a short nap 😉).


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