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March 08, 2019

before you begin, a little prep work

while it's tempting to dive right into stitching immediately, i encourage you to plan ahead for just a little bit of prep work that makes a HUGE difference for your stitching experience and your finished project.

first, iron your fabric. this is important because you really need a nice even surface to stitch on. the fabric i use is 100% cotton, and the lines are permanent. so go ahead and spritz it with water, and use a hot iron to press out all the creases and wrinkles.

second, be sure your fabric is tight in the hoop. when you stitch, you want the fabric to be drum-tight in the hoop.

if you have wrinkles, creases, or saggy fabric while you are stitching, the stitches will pull unevenly on the fabric and you'll end up with puckered fabric and/or stitches that will never smooth themselves out. (so frustrating!)

so take a few minutes to prep your fabric before you start, and set yourself up for a much neater finished piece. you'll be glad you took the time to properly prep when your embroidery genuinely reflects all the creative time, tiny stitches, and love that you poured into it.


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  • I found it helpful to iron and multiple squares of cotton at one time. When a new stitch a long comes all I have to do is iron and put both pieces together and start stitching.

    Randi on

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