February 03, 2017

padded satin stitch

i used padded satin stitch for these stars on Galaxy Girl's bodice, and i wanted to share a quickie tutorial for it.

padded satin stitch is a lot like regular satin stitch, but i find it so be a little easier when you're stitching irregular shaped areas.

if this is a new stitch for you, here's the basics:
+ outline the area to be filled with back stitches. (i like to stitch just inside the line.)
+ fill in the area with seed stitches or little straight stitches.
+ satin stitch over all of those. the back and seed stitches provide some padding and help you keep an even edge for your satin stitches.

hope that makes sense!
questions? just ask!

(i've got more tips and tricks on instagram. check out #cozybluestitchingtipsandtricks to see more.)

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