March 13, 2018

stitch club :: 3/2018 :: night garden

say hello to march's 'night garden' pattern!

new month = new pattern, and this one is inspired by two of my favorite things: the moon and plants.

the deep earthy brown fabric and moonlight colored flosses give this fanciful design what i’m calling a, “moody magical midnight fairytale” feel. i hope you like it!

i started stitching this small section so that i can see a little preview of how these stitches will work together, and i like it so far!

here's what i'm using (and the # of floss strands):

the red and green stems are done with whipped back stitch (2 strands) and some plain back stitch too.
leaves -- fishbone stitch (3 strands)
blue flowers -- straight stitch (2 strands) and i've added a tiny red stitch at the end of each blue stitch
the yellow puffs are also straight stitch (1 strand)

so that's my plan! what will you use for yours? 

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