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shelfie pre-printed fabric embroidery pattern


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at the moment, i’m unable to take orders to the UK and EU through the system. but all hope isn’t lost! 

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stitch details: shelfie is entirely done with just 3 stitches: satin stitch [2 strands] for the books and leaves, back stitch [1 strand] to outline, and straight stitch [1 strand] for some of the small details on the books.

floss: this project is PERFECT for using up all those extra bits of floss you have! i'd suggest having plenty of black, white, and green (for the plant). but for the books - mix it up and use whatever you have, or whatever you like!

size: the finished design will fit nicely in a 6" hoop. i'm using a 7" hoop in the example photo, but i'll use a 6" to frame it, once i'm done.

the example photo shows the unfinished pattern. i’ll update the photo here when it’s done, and will update the stitching notes on my blog when/if i make any changes to the design.


pre-printed fabric patterns are ready to stitch -- no transfer necessary! designs are printed in color onto 100% cotton fabric.

just pop the fabric in your hoop and you are ready to start stitching!

Product Details

each pre-printed pattern contains:

  • pre-printed fabric pattern, approx 8"x 9" with raw edges
  • full color postcard with image on front and stitching notes on back
  • DMC floss color suggestions
  • my 'getting started with hand embroidery' guide
  • an instructional how-to for my favorite basic stitches

please note, this item does not include floss, needle, or hoop.
the pre-printed lines are permanent and will not wash or fade out.


finished design is sized to fit nicely in a 6” hoop.

Fine Print

  • these patterns are my original design and are for personal use only.
  • you may not sell items made from these designs.
  • the patterns may not be reproduced or shared.

© cozyblue

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Never have I been disappointed by a cozy lue design. This does not disappoint. Can't wait to finish it and put it in my library.

Stephanie M.
Adorable pattern!

I can't wait to start this and play with all the different thread leftovers to make this totally unique!

Maria Riesgo

I had been looking for something different to work on. I'm getting bored with flowers. As soon as I saw Shelfie, I knew this was not just different but so cute. Kudos to Liz for creating this pattern. I just started working on it a couple of days ago and its been going really well. I want to use different colors for the books. Recommend it highly.

Jean McCusker

I haven’t started Shelfie, yet, but I have no doubt I will enjoy it as much as the two “Cozy” hoops on the wall already and the one presently in my hoop. I may even love it more because I can play with color as I stitch the books and plant, etc. one thing I found attractive about this particular project is that it looked good even half finished. How could I not love it?

Rebecca Porche
super cute!

Love this pattern and having lots of fun stitching it! Thanks so much!