6" faux wood grain flexi-hoop


6" round faux wood grain flexi-hoop.

these hoops are my favorites for displaying my finished embroidery projects, and they can also be used while stitching.

each flexi-hoop has a faux woodgrain outer ring with a bronzed hanging loop. made of molded rubber, it has just a tiny bit of stretch, and fits tightly over the rigid plastic inner ring.

PLEASE NOTE that colors may vary slightly, ranging from lighter brown to darker brown.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Hunton
Happy Place

Not only are the designs lovely, so are the newsletters. I feel like I already know Liz. She really cares about staying in touch with her customers. All designs are her own. She takes great care in packaging. Even the kit box is adorable. So happy to have found Cozy Blue and to be able to help a small business owner. She also lives in one of my favorite cities.

Sarah Fishburn
Best ever!

All of the Cozy Blue kits are so cool & fun. One thing I especially
love is that even though most beginners can easily stitch up almost any of the kits, if you’re not a beginner it’s a blast to embellish with beads or practice alternative stitches! Also, Liz is friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to even the most minor (or silly!) of issues. Cozy Blue is one of my favorite small businesses out there!