cotton drawstring project bag


one thing i really love about embroidery is the portability -- it's so easy to take it along with you! gather your supplies, toss them in a bag, and you're good to go.

if you are looking for an easy, earth-friendly bag to tote your project, i've got just the thing for you!

these project bags are 100% cotton, hand screenprinted (by me!) and perfectly sized to fit your current stitching project and supplies. the cotton drawstring keeps everything safe and secure inside, and makes it easy to carry along on your daily adventures.

i teamed up with my friend maria, of ninja chickens, to offer a selection of special edition eco-dyed bags. maria worked her eco-dyeing magic on these gorgeous bags. they are hand-dyed with marigolds (the golden yellows) and avocados (the earthy pinks) and some were double dipped into both vats, producing a lovely marbled dusty peach.
*please note: the eco-dye process is mysterious and each bag comes out of the dye vat with its’ own unique blend of colors and variations. the dye wash also allows for some fabric shrinkage, so you may notice some irregularities with the sizing (though this doesn’t affect the functionality). please consider this part of the beauty of handmade — we do!

* size: white bags approx. 12” w x 12” h, eco-dyed bags approx 10” x 10”
* material: cotton, water-based permanent inks