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May 08, 2024

stitch club :: may/2024 :: cosmic poppies

say hello to our new pattern for may, cosmic poppies.🤩 you know i love my florals and celestials! 

i am not sure yet which stitches i want to use for the flower petals, but i do know how to stitch these dots... colonial knots, 2 strands.

often when we're diving in to a new project, it can feel overwhelming looking at all the lines and all the details.
so my advice is always: start with something simple, something that you are sure about.

i know for sure that i want these balls of pollen in the flower centers to be made up of tiny little knots. i know for sure that the yellow stamen are going to be simple straight stitches. so, i'm starting there.

100% of the time, as i'm stitching the simple stuff, i start looking ahead at the other lines and visualizing how different stitches might work for them. then, by the time i am ready to stitch them, i have a clear plan for the next step.

tl;dr - start simple.


...ok, i've finished the centers of the flowers, using the colonial knots and straight stitches that i talked about the other day.

to complete the centers, i've stitched the tiny moons using brick stitch, and the star is a cross stitch. (2 strands for everything so far)

ok, let's chat about these flower petals!
i thought about using chain stitch, but i don't think it would handle the tiny curves very well (it can look jagged), but then i decided on whipped back stitch, and it was definitely the right way to go.
look how nice and smooth all the curves are!

i am using 2 strands (2 strand for the foundation row, 2 strands for the whipping) of the light pink floss.

next up, i've started stitching the lines on the poppy petals, and i am using chain stitch [2 strands]

and for the stars, i'm using colonial knots and cross stitches [2 strands]:

✨i'll be updating this post as i make more stitching progress... stay tuned! ✨


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