mini embroidery hoops - 4 pack


dandelyne's mini embroidery hoops are super adorable and so well-made.

stitch up a tiny design and frame it in the hoops. necklaces, magnets, brooches, dollhouse decor... these hoops are as versatile as they are cute!


  • 2 x 4cm/1.6” and 2 x 5.5cm/2.2" miniature embroidery hoops

  • 4 screws and 8 bolts

  • 4 backing pieces and 4 center plates


  • a design, or two, that inspires you (check out my free pattern page here for a few ideas!)

  • embroidery hoop for stitching – 3"’ or 4”

  • fabric

  • needle

  • floss/embroidery thread

  • hot glue gun OR super strong glue

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