Iron-on patterns

full circle iron-on embroidery pattern


i'm so pleased to offer a selection of my embroidery patterns as iron-on transfers.

iron-on patterns are great for easily and quickly transferring the design to a tea towel, shirt, apron, or the fabric of your choice.

depending on how hard you iron them on, there should be enough ink in each transfer for multiple uses.

please note:
while all of my other embroidery patterns do come with more specific stitch and color guides, 'full circle' is full of random stitches and colors, so it does not.
the stitches that i used are: split, back, lazy daisy, stem, satin, and french knots.

i used odds and ends of floss for my example, so i do not have a list of colors used. i highly recommend lots of random colors -- this design is really fun when you don't over think it.

Product Details

please note: these are best for light colored fabrics. (the lines are dark gray, so they won't show up if you transfer them to a dark fabric.)


each iron-on pattern is packaged in a clear cello bag, and contains:

  • paper iron-on pattern transfer (image is reversed)
  • full color postcard with image on front, transfer and materials information on back.
  • stitching notes and suggested floss colors
  • my ‘getting started with hand embroidery’ guide
  • an instructional how-to for my favorite basic stitches

finished design is sized to fit nicely in a 6” hoop

Fine Print

  • these patterns are my original design and are for personal use only.
  • you may not sell items made from these designs.
  • the patterns may not be reproduced or shared.

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