sticky-solvy stabilizer - 12 sheets


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this stuff is the best for transferring designs to fabric!

it's perfect for:

  • designs with lots of detail and linework
  • transferring to dark fabrics
  • stretch-knit fabrics (like tees or sweatshirts)
  • felt and other nubby/fuzzy textured fabrics
  • delicate fabrics

sulky sticky fabri-solvy is the easiest and most precise method of pattern transfer.
the 8.5 x 11 sheets of stabilizer can go right into your home printer (so easy!) or you can draw or trace onto it. then peel off the paper backing – the backside is sticky – and smooth it onto your fabric. stitch right through both layers. once you are done, simply rinse it with water and the stabilizer dissolves away! it's fantastic stuff.

each package contains (12) 8.5" x 11" sheets.

*this item may ship separately from other items in your order, due to size.


  • before applying the sticky-solvy to your fabric, lay your fabric on a hard, flat surface. then apply and smooth into place.
  • then mount the fabric in your hoop. if you can keep the edges of the sticky-solvy in the hoop too, that will help stop the pattern from shifting or lifting while you are stitching.
  • once you are done stitching, soak the fabric in a bowl of warm water (i suggest 30 minutes up to an hour) and then rinse thoroughly to remove all of the stabilizer. if it's not completely removed, your fabric and floss with be stiff and gummy (if that happens, soak and rinse again). 

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