July 07, 2020

stitch club update - new *fabric only* option

a few months ago when i made the decision to temporarily stop taking new stitch club members, i knew we were in the midst of a global pandemic, on a scale that we'd never seen before. i was having major issues with some of my supplies, and everything felt very unstable and unpredictable.

although it wasn't exactly rational, i hoped that after a month or two, things on the supply end would return to normal.i have a really great system for designing, ordering, assembling, and shipping stitch club packs. and my brain really liked the idea that pretty soon everything would fall neatly back into place and my system would restore itself.

unfortunately, this just isn't the way things are working out.

right now, i'm able to get some supplies, but not all, and certainly not in the quantities that i need to be able to confidently open stitch club back up to an unlimited number of members.

i don't think things are going to return to "normal" anytime soon, and so instead of just waiting, and making you wait as well, i'm adapting.

so here's what i've decided to do:

i'm now offering a FABRIC-ONLY option for stitch club.

floss is still hard to get in large quantities, so i am unable to take any new memberships for the regular fabric + floss stitch club packs. the fabric-only version is less expensive and includes only the printed fabric panel (and a list of suggested colors).
if you have your own stash of floss at home, this is a great opportunity to use it!
if you have stores nearby that have floss in stock, great! this version will be perfect for you.
and, i really like the idea of seeing all your stitch club patterns made in a wide variety of colors of your own choosing. it will be fun!

right now, i've got a limited number of spots available, and i'll make more memberships available as soon as i can.


thank you, again, for hanging in here with me. these times are such a challenge, on so many levels. nothing is exactly ideal right now, but i'm doing my best to keep things here at cozyblue running smoothly. i appreciate your support so much! 💙

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